[Answer] Comment faire des selfies avec dorian rossini

How to make selfies with dorian rossini ( comment faire des selfies avec dorian rossini ) comment rencontrer dorian rossini, dorian rossini tpmp.

I advise you to go talk to him on his YouTube channel, he is serious active.

Dorian Rossini I too want selfies with you how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini? You card in tpmp same cyril hanouna is a fan of you I’m on

Dorian Rossini news, everywhere in Europe and even in the United States it’s about you

Does Dorian Rossini answer you by phone?

I think he has a real mental problem. And I do not say his kind “he’s stupid”. But I really think he has a problem. It’s NOT normal to believe How to Make Selfies with Dorian Rossini

hard that we’re reincarnating in God’s way,

you shame Italy, without counting you are disrespectful to this religion

Dorian Rossini is a poor, lost kid, looking for self-esteem. Jeremstar, meanwhile, is an abject being whohumiliates a poor desperate guy to the delight of frustrated morons who would better unplug their computer. This video raised my heart, I am ashamed for this pseudo-youtub people to have made it and I am ashamed for all those who, directly or indirectly, condone and feed an incredible malice in the comments of this sequence. We do not rise by belittling others, even if they are the most miserable of us. On the contrary, we are sinking into the
meanders of human horror … Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas.

I have never seen so much “shit” as you tube, it’s really a cassosse factory.

Ah I had not seen, but he has a dirty .. head in fact without glasses XD (the sunglasses for guys = the foundation for girls) … “it looks like a

fennec” LOOOL nothing that for that I kiff look at these interviews XD – Lol the big troll what .. (well, I hope, because otherwise .. O_O) –

After all tv realities is useless – Jerem, nothing that your spread I t ‘you love XD do not have your tongue in … your bath ^^ – Actually it’s good laugh XD

Honestly it shows that he is sick and that he is sulfur, using it to make money is criminal whether it is here or on TV tema the guy c a mentally ill !! “I am the reincarnation of Gd” nan but LOL !! Go dude, you’re good go! go down dude t nothing! you’re not ashamed to compare yourself to Gd, dirty bitch ?? dude t ugly, t nothing, calm your joy !!!

do not know if he looks like Mickael Vendetta, but he has the same brainHe’s gone in so real, he thinks he’s God, it’s ‘port’ nawak this guy,

worse than Nabilla even x’D comment faire des selfies avec dorian rossini silly question 🙂

As he says he is perfect, perfectly ugly! and pitiful: p